Somali PM made historic visit to Bay and Bakool regions of Somalia

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed, Prime Minister of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, Minister of Defence, H.E Duale Aden, Minister of Culture and Higher Education and other government officials made an historic visit to Baidoa of Tiyeglow towns of Bay and Bakool regions where they received a huge welcome by members of his cabinet and local communities in those regions.

During the visit H.E Prime Minister of Somalia met with SNA and AMISOM commanders and soldiers in Tiyeklow of Bakool region, assessing the situation, discussing OPERATION INDIAN OCEAN and praising them for their professionalism and dedication as they fought to liberate the strategic town of Tiyeglow.

Prime Minister further held talks with local government officials and community elders in Tiyeglow, encouraging them to continue their support to the security and stability efforts and inviting them to stand with the government’s commitment to a peaceful and unified Somalia.

His Excellence Prime Minister said:
” I am here to offer my personal support and recognize the sacrifice and hardship you have endured. My government’s aim is to re-establish normalcy and provide the necessary logistical support in order to restore public services such as health and clean water as soon as possible.”

“We are responsible but terrorists have no moral duties in Somalia apart from killing innocent people. The Somali people should applaud and recognize the efforts of our brave men and women from SNA and AMISOM troops for their tireless work and their success.”

Finally before returning to Mogadishu, Prime Minister H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed met with the Speaker of parliament, H.E Mohamed Osman Jawari who is in Baidoa in an effort to end the political misunderstanding between politicians in Baidoa as the government is ready to fully support reconciliation efforts in South West regions administration.