Somalia set to establish regulatory body for telecom industry

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

The Somali government said on Wednesday it will establish the first-ever ICT body, the National Communications Authority (NCA), to help regulate the country’s telecommunication sector.

Abdi Ashur Hassan, Minister for Post and Telecom, told a three-day forum in Mogadishu that his first priority is to establish a credible and effective regulatory authority that is operationally independent and strong enough to regulate the sector.

“You have an exceptional opportunity to create a new institution not restricted by organizational challenges in our existing institutions,” Hassan told telecom operators, consultancy firms and Implementation Task Team that will provide technical assistance to the establishment of the country’s NCA.

“You will be responsible for the success or the failure of this institution so I would urge you to do your utmost as individuals and as a team to ensure the establishment of a credible and effective institution,” said the minister.

He said his ministry had requested the World Bank for a technical support to the establishment of NCA by way of providing expertise to the ministry on best ways to establish the regulatory body.

Hassan urged the team to keep their role in mind as the Horn of Africa nation’s government embarks on this important task of creating a new institution.

“We want the regulatory authority to become an exemplary organization that other institution to emulate and benchmark,” he added.

The move comes after Somalia’s President in October last year signed into the National Communications Act to regulate the country’s telecommunication sector.

The telecommunications bill calls for the creation of telecoms regulatory authority, development of the country with telecommunications technology, protecting corporate and consumer rights and more participation by private sectors in developing the sector.

Source: Xinhua