Somalia: UAE’s interference is a threat to national unity

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – As the United Arab Emirates continues to tamper and interfere Somalia’s politics, there are fears that things might take the wrong turn, Caasimada Online understands.

Sources indicate that UAE’ envoy in Somalia, Mohamed Al Othmani is against the decision of electing a president from the Hawiye clan.

Mr. Othmani who held a meeting in Mogadishu with some prominent personals from the Darod, Digil and Mirifle clans suggested that the clans should contest for the presidency and all clans should support the candidate that will be proposed.

othmaniAccording to Caasimada Online sources, the envoy has vowed to support the Clans and advised the leaders against electing someone from the Hawiye clan. UAE has been on the front line in encouraging the above clans to vie for the presidential elections.

In the meantime, there are fears that if UAE sidelines with some clans there will be a political imbalance in the country which could lead to chaos and conflicts among the Somali clans.

UAE is aiming to endorse two prominent politicians from the aforementioned clans. The two likely candidates UAE is willing to fund their campaigns are Omar Abdirashid and Sharif Hassan.

Others who are yet to be mentioned will also work for the benefit of UAE.

UAE is hoping to build a new government that will be an asset and investment platform in the coming years.

UAE sees the current government as a wasted opportunity after it failed to leave up to its expectations.

Despite the hope in which the people of Somalia have placed in their brethren from Arab countries, these brothers have been unable to guide their sister country on the dangerous road it’s stumbling upon.

Clan prejudice and geographical divisions are being transmitted to younger generations by erecting barriers between clans, families and friends in the name of development by briefcase NGOs working secretly for their donor countries.

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