Speaker names delegates represent him in talks amid ongoing efforts end the stand-off

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

The two opposing factions led by Speaker Jawari and Prime Minister Khaire are scheduled to hold talks amid the sessions of the House were put off following escalating political tensions.

The Executive and the Legislative have agreed to have negotiations and have been tasked to appoint delegates to lead the soon-to-be-held talks.

The embattled House speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has today appointed the members who will represent him in the talks.

There are Mohamud Benebene, Fawsiyo Mohamed Sheikh, Abdifitah Ismail Dahir, Abdikadir Osoble, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi and Hassan Yare.

The other faction is expected to name their representatives in the forthcoming hours.

The development comes just hours after today’s session was suspended for unspecified reasons though some reports claimed it was cancelled at the request of President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

A motion of no-confidence lodged against the current speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari has led to a month-long political stand-off that has shaken the Parliament with House members divided.

AU, IGAD, former Somali leaders and International Community have all called the leaders of the Federal Government to resolve the differences before the country plunges into political chaos which could detract the hard-gained progress.

Source: Hol